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CosmetiCity is a private hospital located in the center of the city of Istanbul, Turkey. It offers aesthetic, hair, dental, eye and plastic care services.

This medical institution is distinguished by its staff of surgeons recognized worldwide for their skill and expertise. We cite as examples Dr. Mustafa KARACA, Dr. Orgun DEREN, Dr. Mehmet E. GÖNÜLLÜ and Dr. Tolga YENER. They fully understand the needs of the patient and strive to refine their face, skin or body features in the most ideal way.

At CosmetiCity, patients from several countries come to enjoy the latest technologies in the field of reconstructive surgery and high-end care. That is why, this brand is among the most respectful in Turkey thanks to the excellence of the best plastic surgeons in Europe. Likewise, it is thanks to the use of the most advanced methods and High Tech equipment. The patient always benefits from a warm and professional atmosphere, whatever the type of treatment desired:

·         Hair Transplant

·         Facial aesthetics        

·         Intimate surgery

·         Breast augmentation 

·         Body sculpting            

·         Cosmetic dentistry     

·         Laser eye treatment  

In addition, CosmetiCity's strategic location allows it to easily accommodate international visitors. Whatever the needs, the private hospital attaches great importance to the financial capacities of the patients. So, the prices offered are reasonable. They are not the cheapest in Turkey, but the best in bringing the most optimal cost/quality ratio.

If you are interested, we strongly advise you to contact us and give us your expectations. Our mission is to give you a quick response and put you in touch with the specialist surgeon you have chosen. Our services are completely free.


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Dr Mehmet Ersin Gönüllü

Aesthetic and plastic surgeon, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Istanbul. He is a member of ISAPS (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons).

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