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Clínica Dental Finestrat is a dental center located in the Valencian town of Finestrat, Spain. It is committed to guaranteeing tailor-made treatments based on minimal intervention thanks to its highly qualified professionals.

This clinic offers its patients modern facilities with the latest equipment developed in surgical and aesthetic dentistry. In addition, the clinic is very interested in the well-being of children and has a separate department for them. As a result, services such as cavity prevention, dental hygiene and programs with nutritionists are available. In addition, there is the excellent assistance of the health care team, made up of nurses and professional technicians. Clínica Dental Finestrat offers a variety of treatments to maintain dental health and raise awareness of its importance:

- Bone grafting

- Invisible orthodontics

- Periodontics

- Endodontics

- General dentistry

- Tooth Whitening

- Lumineers, porcelain and composite veneers 

- Early treatment of cavities

The success of this clinic is also due to the expertise and talent of the two specialist doctors, Dr. Ruben Gamboa and Dr. Romina Franconi. They are the most powerful duo thanks to their rich careers that they have developed in Spain and abroad. Each of them excels in their specific field and is committed to providing patients of all ages with the ideal smile.

Another strong point of Clínica Dental Finestrat is its work process. This is based on the application of a minimum number of interventions for each case examined. The medical team prepares a treatment plan to ensure a modern and quick solution. This allows the patient to avoid multiple treatment sessions and to pay customized fees. This remains true without sacrificing the high quality of the operations.

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Dr Romina Tessaro Franconi

Specialist in aesthetic, preventive and pediatric dentistry with more than 10 years of experience in orthodontics. Graduated from the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain. She is fluent in English.

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Dr Ruben Gamboa

Dental surgeon specializing in cosmetic dentistry and implantology. He has over 20 years of experience in the United States, Brazil and Spain. He speaks English, Italian and Portuguese.

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