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ClearChoice Clinic specializes in dental health care, including implants, in San Jose, Costa Rica. It provides multidisciplinary care with a focus on quality services and affordability.

A talented team of doctors and nurses work together to provide excellent treatment for the entire family. From a single lost tooth to a full set of teeth, patients of all ages enjoy a pleasant experience. In addition, the clinic follows a strict sterilization protocol to ensure the necessary hygiene in the consultation rooms. In fact, compliance with international health standards is one of ClearChoice's main assets. 

In addition to this, we offer unbeatable and well-considered prices for all budgets. Since the practitioners and technicians work on-site in the in-house laboratory, costs are lower. Moreover, the patient is able to know the price of his treatment right after the first consultation.

For more than 15 years, this clinic has been providing quality care to foreign visitors, especially those from the United States. They are looking for a beautiful and healthy smile in the long term. With an approach based primarily on satisfaction, the results often exceed expectations. 

While specializing in full, multiple and single tooth implants, ClearChoice offers the following treatments:

- Preventive dentistry

- Dental crowns

- Root canal treatment

- Wisdom tooth extraction 

- Porcelain veneers 

If you think this is the right clinic for you, it's time to make your appointment. Schedule a no-obligation online consultation right now at MyTripMed, or contact us by phone or email. With us you can save up to 70% on the price of your treatment.


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