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CapilClinic is a medical institution that operates in Madrid and Barcelona and also offers its services in Istanbul, Turkey. With more than 10 years of experience, it has a team that specializes exclusively in performing hair transplants with the FUE Saphir and DHI methods. 

Since its inception, it has treated patients who come from several countries around the world to find effective solutions to their hair loss problems. The clinic offers very competitive rates with of course the guarantee of high quality services. CapilClinic has the JCI international certification which ensures that the highest health standards are respected during the transplant process.

CapilClinic is equally concerned with the satisfaction of its patients in Europe and Turkey. Each case is treated individually according to the type of hair and the initial cause of the loss. Then, if the operation does not produce the desired result, the patient is entitled to further treatment without paying any additional costs. The main thing is to obtain the natural and thick appearance that he had aimed for. In this sense, CapilClinic provides the best plastic surgeons such as Dr. Oguz whose reputation goes beyond national borders. He will be able to listen to the different needs and respond in the most efficient way.

And to make the medical stay as pleasant as easy, the clinic takes care of all the procedures. The foreign patient is accommodated for 2 nights in a luxury hotel located in the Kadıköy district. Also, he is provided with private transportation and a native speaker interpreter to optimize communication and understanding of the process. In fact, the care packages within the hair transplant include free blood analysis, the first consultation with the specialist doctor as well as the PRP injection.

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A specialist in cosmetic surgery, he graduated from Ankara Medical University in 2001. He completed his internship in the Northern General Hospital and has more than 9 years of experience.


Joint Commission International (JCI)

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