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Bogazici Estetik is a Turkish private clinic founded in 2018 in the city of Istanbul. It specializes in cosmetic, plastic and dental surgery, including hair transplant, facelift and rhinoplasty.

The medical center is recognized for its recent methods like liposuction by Vaser, hair transplant with FUE and DHI techniques. Likewise, it stands out for its ultra-modern therapies related to the treatment of hair loss and facial radiance care.

Another strong point of Bogazici Estetik is that it fully supports the planning of the medical stay in the interest of international patients. This includes airport transfer, accommodation in a luxury hotel and pre-operation consultation. This allows the doctor to carry out all the examinations and checks required before starting the operation. In addition, the patient benefits from a complete follow-up to ensure his good health during the recovery phase. 

In general, the clinic guarantees a high rate of satisfaction thanks to the success of the results obtained which stick so much to expectations. This is mainly due to the strict choice of the medical team, including licensed surgeons and highly qualified assistants. Likewise, the internal staff welcomes the visitor in a friendly and professional atmosphere. Its role is to provide him with concrete answers to questions and to explain the care process. A switchboard is also permanently available every day of the week.

So, if you are interested in this destination, we strongly advise you to contact our customer service. Our experts help you to easily book a consultation online or to get your quote. In addition, our services are fast and do not commit you to anything.


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