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10 Celebrities who had their teeth done before & after

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12 May 2022

Have you ever dreamed of a Hollywood Smile from influencers on Instagram or stars on TV? This smile often seduces us through pretty white and perfectly aligned teeth. Of course, this becomes a necessity that is an integral part of the field when it comes to celebrities: singers, comedians, athletes and politicians. They must have a perfect appearance and without defects. However, are all stars born with beautiful teeth or is there a magical secret behind their radiant smile? Find the answer and all the details in the rest of our article.

Not all stars had pretty teeth!

Hollywood celebrities, like ordinary people, did not all have flawless teeth. Some of them, if not the majority, had yellowish enamel, deformations and alignment irregularities. For this, many of them opt for changes, sometimes minimal, sometimes more important to have a beautiful and healthy smile. Interventions which, thanks to their dental surgeons, have improved their look and positively impacted their career. Here, the international scene is not lacking in relevant examples, some of which will really surprise you.

Top 10 Hollywood Stars After Cosmetic Dentistry

In the cinematographic or sports field, cosmetic dentistry is nowadays a routine intervention. It improves appearance and helps stars better impress and influence their fans. Otherwise, with mottled, separated or irregular teeth, their face is without charm or attractiveness. Let's take a look at how much your favorite stars have changed after their teeth changes:

1.  Céline Dion

The internationally successful Canadian diva had small discolored and crooked teeth. As the photo shows us, she did not have the same smile at the start of her career and her appearance was not perfect. On the other hand today, his smile has a radiant effect and a healthy aspect. The singer resorted to dental crowns which helped them achieve that white hue and refined alignment. 

2.  Tom Cruise

Have you ever thought that the most charismatic man Tom Cruise went through dental restorations? Well yes ! His smile that cost him a million dollars is the result of several treatments like orthodontics and dental veneers. These procedures allowed him to have white and perfectly straight teeth. You just have to compare his appearance in "Top Gun 1" to "Mission Impossible" to notice the metamorphosis.

3.  Cristiano Ronaldo

Early in his career, everyone's beloved and favorite player attracted the world more to his talent than his smile. The international footballer didn't have perfect teeth when he was younger. Afterwards, his orthodontist did a brilliant job of giving him the charming smile he has today. After fitting braces that allowed him to align his irregular and poorly spaced teeth, he added that white tint to them with veneers.

4.  Victoria Beckham

Although she had incredible success in the "Spice Girls" group, Victoria's smile was not so attractive. The singer and fashion icon had to perfect her smile to show off her teeth fearlessly in photos. Besides, she never smiled before. To camouflage the uneven spacing and the large imperfections of her teeth, the pop star applied porcelain veneers. So the result was more than beautiful and natural.

5.  Morgan Freeman 

Did you watch The Shawshank Redemption in 1994 or Bruce Almighty in 2003? Morgan Freeman is undoubtedly one of the best actors in American cinema, but his teeth weren't really. This is why the use of cosmetic dentistry has been very beneficial to him. During the 2005 Oscars, the star wowed with his younger look and his whitened, gap-free teeth thanks to veneers. Also, dental implants allowed him to recover some lost teeth.

6.  David Beckham 

The British footballer with one of the most beautiful smiles in the world could not claim it in his debut. Because of his unkempt and yellowish teeth, he had to redesign his mouth. Thanks to the Hollywood Smile, he was able to achieve a white color and improve the appearance of his misaligned teeth.

7.  Zac Efron

With a very remarkable appearance on Facebook, the American actor won over his fans with a very charming smile. According to specialists, the beautiful kid from Hollywood must thank his dental surgeon for his work of genius. The latter has permanently corrected the misalignment and the yellow color of his teeth.

8.  Demi-Moore

The actress and '90s fashion icon wasn't ashamed to open up about her missing, yellowed teeth. She had to go through cosmetic dentistry to have a nice smile and to flaunt beautiful teeth on the red carpet.

9.  Jim Carrey

Although he is advancing in age, the American actor is distinguished by his teeth that are more perfect every day. Young, he was recognized by his chipped tooth, the source of his success in "Dumb and Dumber". Then, thanks to a perfect implant, he now has a healthy and shiny smile.

10.  Keith Urbain

The Australian singer and guitarist suffered from a very noticeable dental gap which prevented him from having a natural smile. Now his teeth are much whiter without any gaps thanks to veneers. His appearance now seduces his fans and especially his wife Nicole Kidman.

Impact of Pretty Smile on Appearance and Career 

First of all, a VIP smile gives celebrities great self-confidence. In addition, nowadays the image that a star releases represents an important factor in the evolution of his career. Of course, this makes it possible to show pretty teeth to photographers on the "Red Carpet" for example or on the occasion of the "Palme d'Or". Let's not forget also that very white teeth illuminate the face and in particular the look of the eyes. This enhances the person's potential and charm.


As a result, an actor, singer or influencer on social networks must demonstrate ideal oral health. Quite simply, because we are talking about a model to be admired and imitated by fans and followers. Everyone wants to look like celebrities! So, it's time to say “thank you to cosmetic dentistry” which has managed to work its magic and produce surprising results.

Finally, having a smile of stars has no secrets for you: you just have to try the advances in cosmetic dentistry.

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