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Bio Hair Clinic is a private clinic specialized in the treatment of baldness and hair loss. Every year, it receives patients from all over the world to undergo a hair transplant at an unbeatable price that they can never find elsewhere in Europe!

 In fact, cosmetic surgery in Turkey is gaining an international reputation, especially for the best value for money guaranteed.

As a result, this modern facility offers the right environment to achieve the ideal appearance of their dreams. This result is particularly assured thanks to the intervention of the famous specialist, Dr. Ibrahim. In addition to his talent, it is his dedication to his patients' satisfaction that makes him so popular. That's why, every year, thousands of people come to Bio Hair Clinic to enjoy the expertise and warm welcome of its senior physician. 

He has extensive experience in the field of hair transplants for men and women, eyebrow transplant and beard transplant. In addition, he is always present at seminars around the world to keep up with the latest innovations. Therefore, whenever foreign patients are looking for an expert in hair surgery in Istanbul, Dr. Ibrahim is at the top of the list.

In addition, the entire medical team, assistants and nurses at Bio Hair Clinic are professional and highly qualified. And thanks to the modern techniques and highly equipped treatment rooms, all treatments are carried out in the best conditions of safety and hygiene. This contributes to the perfection of the result and reassures the patients.

As for prices, Bio Hair Clinic guarantees effective and long-lasting transplants for only a third of the price offered in the UK. With the all-inclusive packages, the medical journey is much simpler and above all economical. In fact, each package includes accommodation in a 4-star luxury hotel, VIP transfer and tests before the operation. Also, the clinic provides a multilingual interpreter to explain everything to the visitor. 

This is an ideal solution to get thick and shiny hair at affordable rates. Ask for a quote or schedule a consultation online now, it's easy and free of charge.


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Dr Ibrahim

A hair surgeon specializing in hair transplant, he has already treated more than 15,000 international patients. Graduated from Ege Faculty of Medicine, Turkey since 2011. Speaks English and Turkish.

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