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Baris Yigit Clinic is a private clinic established in March 2019 in Fethiye, Turkey. It takes its name and reputation from its founder the well-known plastic and aesthetic surgeon Dr. Baris Yigit.

After graduating from Istanbul Medical School in 2004, the talented doctor continued his professional training. In 2013, he started his career as an assistant professor of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at Duzce University. And in 2014, he became its department head. He has also presented several studies in many congresses in Turkey and abroad. Also, he published his medical articles in international scientific journals. In 2016, he worked at Lokman Hekim Private Hospital, and finally, he opened his own clinic that bears his name. He receives patients from many countries who come to benefit from his expertise and successful results in various treatments, including:

- Body contouring

- Breast augmentation

- Buttock augmentation

- Cosmetic surgery after childbirth

- Rhinoplasty

- Tummy tuck 

- Vaser Liposuction

At Baris Yigit Clinic, the patient is served in a warm and professional atmosphere. The doctor and his staff listen to the patient's expectations and strive to provide customized solutions. They use the latest techniques and treatment methods in modern and well-equipped treatment rooms. Moreover, the clinic is distinguished by its VIP facilities that comply with international health and hygiene standards. Moreover, Dr. Baris Yigit makes sure to explain everything to the patient before starting the operation, whether it is surgical or not.

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Dr Baris Yigit

Aesthetic and plastic surgeon, graduated from the Ege Faculty of Medicine, in Izmir. He is the owner of the Baris Yigit clinic and a member of the International Society of Lymphology (ISL).

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