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Acibadem Fulya Hospital has been serving patients in all medical specialties since 2010 in Beşiktaş: one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul.

It is one of the facilities of the famous Acibadem Group chain. It consists of 124 internal treatment units, 7 operating theaters and 16 intensive care units in a total area of 22,000 square meters. It also includes an analysis laboratory, menopause center, breast surgery, gynecology, in vitro fertilization, obesity and drug addiction. Also, it is known for its health center dedicated to athletes and soccer players, which was founded in 1994 and certified by FIFA.

For this reason, the Acibadem brand today occupies a place among the world leaders in the medical field. With its current 22 hospitals, 18 clinics and assistance centers, it has achieved a very rapid growth in terms of service quality. Then, thanks to the partnership with IHH Healthcare in 2012, it is part of the second largest healthcare chain in the world.  

The Acibadem Fulya branch provides hair treatments in line with international standards with JCI accreditation. Every year, it welcomes patients from several countries to enjoy hair transplant, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. The center offers a variety of services that facilitate the medical stay and travel arrangements. These include, among others: 

- Airport transfer

- Hotel reservations

- Individual rooms for patients in the hospital

- Consultation with the attending physician

- Translation and interpreting services

- Transportation by private car

- Accommodation with a family upon request

- All necessary care after surgery

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