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DentGroup is a chain of dental polyclinics founded since 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey. In addition, it has several branches in other European countries such as England, Germany and Holland. 

It is the most successful and reputable health care group in Turkey and abroad. With its stylish and modern facilities and highly qualified doctors, it is the ultimate choice for all patients. It is distinguished by its next generation dental procedures with a wide selection of general and aesthetic treatments. This includes, among others, dental bone grafting, anti-snoring and implantology. In addition, the clinic has a dedicated center for pediatric dentistry, which represents a real opportunity for parents and their children. 

DentGroup is a health care facility that is gaining the trust of its Turkish and international visitors day by day. This is thanks to a team of well-trained multilingual experts who kindly welcome patients. Nurses and assistants answer all questions and explain in detail the targeted care procedures.

In addition, all doctors have 10 or more years of experience in their field. Therefore, the range of operations offered is wide and includes:

- Tooth whitening 

- Digital smile design 

- Zirconia crowns 

- Porcelain laminate filling 

- Restoration of teeth 

- Orthodontics 

- Removable or fixed dental braces

- Jaw and maxillofacial surgery 

- Dental implants 

- Treatment of joint diseases 

- Laser treatments 

- Diagnosis of oral cancer 

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